Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Preparation for Movement

Hey Folks. So we're here in St. Petersburg, Florida and have been since Sunday evening. Yesterday we were busy building the screens and floating dock for sifting all sediment recovered from our four sites we're out to investigate. Today we fixed a few of the errors involved in that and put together the pumps and generators. We've been pushed back a day due to generator issues on the boat and preparation of all our archaeological equipment, but should set sail by tomorrow afternoon. We even plan on our first group dive to get used to the depths and equipment. In all there will be 8 of us diving the sites in group of 3 or 4 at a time.
On a different note, the delays allowed me to celebrate my big 3-0 birthday on dry land (pretty nice so I wasn't suffering sea sickness for the big day (I do have meds with me and hopefully they help prevent sea sickness). We were able to go out for a group dinner at an Indian Restaraunt and also afforded us the opportunity to discuss of plan of attack.
For now, this is it, but stay tuned as the excitement most certainly begins tomorrow! (Cross your fingers for midden or archaeological deposits!)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Kim. We are so excited to hear the play-by-play of your adventures in the Gulf. Good luck all.